44 years of experience in logistics, dropshipping, branding, marketing, support & services


With our own warehouses (50,000 pallet spaces) and our modern logistics infrastructure, we are in a position to work out an individual logistics solution for you and provide optimal conditions for your requirements in the areas of storage, order picking, distribution and reserve storage areas.


Dropshipping is one of our core competencies: we store your products and ship them directly to the end customer on your behalf when orders are placed. This enables you to benefit from our efficient implementation processes and concentrate on your core business.


We offer a range of over 10,000 articles for pet supplies as well as aquariums and terrariums. We can supply 98% of goods directly from our own CH warehouse, which is decisive for fast delivery. As a national wholesaler we represent many well-known international of pet care brands such as: EUKANUBA, IAMS, 8in1, CATSY, SWISSDOG, GIMCAT, HILL'S, CARNELLO, TRUE HEMP, ALMO, MIAMOR, DOGY'S, BUNNY, MUCKI, JUWEL, TETRA, DENNERLE, EHEIM, AMAZONAS, BIOKAT'S, EXTREME CLASSIC, SWISSPET, FLEXI, FERPLAST, FURMINATOR, and in the service of our customers we intend in future to continue to expand our range with international & national brands.

Product development

For 44 years we have been developing our own products and brands and selling them successfully all over the world. Among them are swisspet, Swissdog, Amazonas, Catsy, Seven Lives, Nature Impuls, OnlyNature. We will also be happy to support you in the development of your own product lines. We are looking forward to hearing from you - "Private Label".

Retailer zone

Benefit from our 24-hour online shop for retailers. This is designed exclusively for pet shops, and there are no direct sales to end consumers.

Retailer zone

In our catalogue, the CH Pet Supplies Guide, you will find on more than 1000 pages filled with all the products and spare parts which are available from our stocks




In our download center you will find the latest images as well as manuals and safety data sheets.

more than

44 years

of experience in the pet sector

Dear pet lovers and partners

We have everything you need for your favourite pets.

Delphin-Amazonia AG was founded in 1976 by Werner Schmid as a production and wholesale company. Previously there was already a company called Delphin-Luftpumpen, which developed and produced air pumps for aquariums. At the time these oxygen pumps made it easier for the hobby aquarist to keep ornamental fish in the aquarium.

Within a short period of time Delphin-Amazonia developed into a versatile wholesale provider of pet supplies as well as products for aquariums and terrariums, and today the company is the leading logistics company on the Swiss pet market.

During this time, the practice of keeping pets has been transformed into species-appropriate treatment of animals. Parallel to this change in perception between humans and animals, the pet supplies industry which developed tries to meet the new requirements related to the keeping of pets. Many new pet supply articles have been created. Delphin-Amazonia AG plays a pioneering role in this and can regularly offer innovative new products on the Swiss market.

The logistics operations of Delphin-Amazonia AG have also developed continuously and have now become a core part of the company. We are constantly optimising our processes and modernising our infrastructure so that in future, too, we will be able to offer you high-quality products, integrated into efficient processes.

New ways of keeping pets in the home

The pet market has changed considerably with the changed perception between humans and animals. Animals are regarded as members of the family and the needs of pet owners have expanded greatly in all areas. We keep pace with this trend and regularly adapt our range to the increasing requirements involved in the keeping of pets. For this reason we are always on the lookout for new ways of keeping pets in order to make living together on the part of humans and animals as optimal as possible.

We have been able to celebrate some remarkable successes in the past, and these will continue to drive our team to peak performance in the future. For example, we have developed new, species-appropriate rodent cages, while our Swisspet-Living scratching posts have set new standards in terms of scratching trees for cats.

We offer our customers tailor-made solutions


In addition to our weekly delivery trips and postal shipping, we also offer direct deliveries to your customers on your behalf, e.g. for aquariums, rodent cages etc.


Our workshop team offers assembly work and repairs of all kinds.

Spare parts warehouse

Our spare parts stock currently comprises approx. 850 articles and is continuously being updated for you.

Storage area

In our warehouses in Münchenstein and Muttenz we can offer you individual solutions for your logistics needs.

Dispatch warehouse

In our dispatch warehouse we offer highly efficient dropshipping. We store, pack and ship your orders conveniently and fast.

Delphin-Amazonia AG

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