Dear Friends of Animals and Partners

 Delphin-Amazonia SA was founded by Werner Schmid in 1976 as a Production Company and as a Wholesaler. Originally, the company was called “Delphin-Luftpumpen” and developed and produced air pumps for aquariums which made possible the holding of ornamental fishes in aquariums. Delphin-Amazonia SA, developed in a short time into a wholesaler for pet, fish and reptile products. In only a few short years we developed so many products that we can meet all pet needs. At the same time, a new form of consideration for the pet appeared. Parallel to this new relationship between humans and animals, the manufacture of new products for pets developed. This permanent evolution has made it possible to fulfill, increasingly and with more satisfaction, the requirements of this market. Many products for pets thus appeared. Our young company, Delphin-Amazonia SA, was able to regularly offer innovations to the Swiss market. During this period of development, space for expansion was stretched to the limits by demands of the market for our products. Various new locations in the Basle area investigated for a possible move with sufficient warehouse space. The Administration, then suffered as a result of too limited office space. And back and forth. Our customers at this time were in the breeding or the maintenance of animals as a hobby. Over time many of them grew and their hobbies became small and medium-size companies. Some extended their activities in several agencies and are today among the leader companies for pet products in Switzerland.

Our company has grown over the last 35years, to reach the size of a national organization, market leader in the Pet Products Sector. Today, 100 employees are active in Switzerland; in addition we have representitive agency in Asia and we have a global network with production centers in several countries of the world.

Besides our various developments under the own labels swisspet, swissdog, catsy, dogys snacks, copacabana, amazonas we represent in an exclusive way the products of more than 30 international brands of aquariums and terrariums in the pet sector.

To develop products for pets, it is necessary - in addition to the affection for the animals and knowledge to own them- to take account of the environmental conditions which are in permanent evolution. Animals know by instinct what pleases them and what is good to eat. However certain products which were yesterday in vogue are suddenly not appreciated anymore and certain preferred food are not longer cherished. Our business involves taking care of the well-being of the animal by developing product innovations for the animal as well as for the owner.

To ensure a good environment for the animal, it should not only be offered a pleasant living space, but it must be also adapted to its needs. The rodents and birds, for example, must have sufficient space, but also varied activities should be offered to them. So they need advised care and the toys which correspond as well as possible to their daily activities.

Our central Warehouse in Münchenstein BL has 10’000 m2 with more than 8’000 pallet places. We deliver daily to ours partners in Switzerland 250 - 300 pallets, containing up to 8’500 different products.

DThe relation between humans and pets is initially conditioned, by the food. Our objective is to combine the pleasure and the assimilation of daily food, while making this activity interesting. That is possible thanks to the large range of products among which one finds for each animal something which enriches its life and which is useful for it. Animals in good health and good form enrich our life by their affection. Thus they daily reinforce our lust of life and our quality of life. It is shown that the owners of animals live longer than those who do not have contact with them.

In our current catalogue „Pet Products Guide “or in the Internet reseller area you will find a unique selection with more 8’000 pet articles, which you can buy in the specialized trade. The expert consultant will help you to choose easily and upon the departure the good accessories for your animal’s well-being.

Our national logistic organization guarantees to each partner the delivery every week starting from our central Warehouse, in Münchenstein/Basle. Benefit from our offer and make your choice from the greatest choice of products for animals in Switzerland. With pleasure we are at your disposal and that of your animals!

Delphin-Amazonia SA
Wholesaler for Pet Products, Aquariums and Terrariums
Werner Schmid