Ours Services

Benefit from our Large Selection of Services!


Apart from the weekly routes & Post Office dispatch we offer also direct supplies in your name to your customers; ex. aquarium, rodent hutches etc.

Repair Shop

Our workshop team offers any kind of assembly and repair works.

Spare Parts Store

The spare parts depot encloses momentarily approx. 850 articles and is updated constantly for you.


We offer various free leaflets for your customers, the end consumers, for example, „trees for cats “, Dog-Guide, birdcages, cages and rabbit hutches, aquariums, terrariums and ponds products. We will also support you in your store with posters, adhesive-labels etc. Ours Sale Representatives gladly give you advice.

Have You Got a Product Idea?

We depend on your know-how and of your sales experience and we are happy for any and all ideas for product improvement. Perhaps one of your ideas will tomorrow already be on sale in specialized Pet Stores.